Attracting money into your life is all about being on the right frequency. Money is no different than trying to manifest certain people, circumstances, jobs, or other opportunities. If you are tired of trying to attract more money int your life with no results, these tips are going to change the way you feel about to allow you to manifest more of it into your life. YOU are a money magnet, and it is time that you start making that happen. 

– Feel GOOD About Money

Stop feeling bad about money. Stop allowing life and other circumstances dictate how you feel about it. When you buy things at the mall, feel good about what you are buying. When you pay bills, feel good that you have enough to pay those bills. It’s a mixture of gratitude and perspective. Simply making that conscious choice to feel good about the money you are spending is in turn changing how you feel and see money. It becomes a part of you. 

– Watch What You Say About Money

If you have a mouth that likes to talk talk talk about how hard life is and how you don’t have enough, then you need to switch up the gears. Stop talking about how little you have. Don’t even make jokes about it. Starting this very moment, you will no longer talk negatively about money. If even your conversation with money means not saying anything at all, simply staying quiet is more than enough. 

– Be Grateful for ALL Experiences

Gratitude is the biggest thing that’s going to change how you feel about money and also attract more of it. Before you can start manifesting more money into your life, I want you to start looking at what experiences you’ve had in your life that allowed you to survive and live. Those experiences were the Universe providing for you through other people. So if your parents gave you food, a home, the chance to go to school, college, or simply made sure you had a roof over your head, those were all blessings given to you from the Universe. Saying “thank you” for those experiences will increase your good feelings about money and in turn will start attracting more of it into your life. 

– Money Is Energy

Remember that money is energy. Attracting It is the way same way as attracting anything else in life. Tapping into your wealth mentality is your key to being on the same frequency as having “a lot of money.” Every time money is brought into your life, whether it be your weekly paycheck or a surprise monetary gift, take a moment and tap in to the energy field of gratitude. Look inside yourself, focus on the money being given to you, tap in to that energy of receiving, and focus on what you now have. By doing so, you let the Universe know you want more of it. 

If you want to reprogram your mind and start manifesting more money, I highly recommend you watch this video. It’s so powerful and can provide you with an incredible understanding of how you operate together with the Universe.

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